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Request for Estimate


To receive a general estimate, take a photo(s) of the piece you want upholstered or repaired and " text " it to us at 530-820-2509 (no calls).

Please include your name, job measurements, height, length and depth, or thickness, how old it is, and the number of pieces.

Give us a couple of days to reply, then we will text you back with an approximate labor cost and yardage required for job.   


If you cannot text a photo, you may email a photo along with your request to

 and we will email you a general estimate.  


You may also drop by the shop Monday through Friday 9-5pm with piece(s) or a photo and we can give you a written estimate at the shop.


Once you decide to have us do the job for you, we require a deposit for the material to put your job on the schedule.  Whether we are picking up, or you will be dropping off, we will contact you prior to your scheduled upholstery date to have the pieces(s) brought to the shop.  Our objective is to keep your pieces(s) for the shortest amount of time. 


Thank you for your interest in our upholstery services, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Jesus Guitierrez - Owner

Steve - Office Manager

All In One Upholstery

(530) 887-1892